• Unfortunately, we are no longer holding yoga classes at Church of Hope. Thank you, Cecilia, for your help! We encourage everyone seeking this spiritual practice to find new avenues and continue their meditations of mind and body.

Yoga is defined as connecting mind, body, and spirit.

We practice yoga by going through the body to quiet the mind and listen to the Spirit.

We practice yoga in the church because it is another way to awaken to the presence of God in our life.  Prayer and meditation can be difficult without giving our body something to do.  You might know that feeling of getting in “the flow” when you are dancing, running, walking, biking; maybe even washing the dishes.  Our bodies engage and focus on something, and our busy minds let go of the firm grip on our thoughts, and the spirit has plenty of space to flow around.  This is our experience of yoga.

While we are a Lutheran church, the yoga practice is open and welcoming of  anyone, regardless of faith.  This is not a “Christian” yoga practice, but yoga is at its core a spiritual discipline, and will always include time for meditation and contemplation.