We gather every Sunday from 10:30am to 11:45am.

We get a cup of coffee and a snack, make a nametag, and gradually settle in. Our pews are set up in a diamond shape so that we may see and hear each other better as many parts of the service are interactive. In one quadrant we have a rug with rocking chairs, toys, and books so that parents and young children can also take part in the service.

Our service is divided into four traditional parts.

We begin each service with Gathering: we ring the bells, say a prayer, and sing an opening song. In order to let go of our doubts and fears, we join in a prayer of confession and forgiveness and receive the assurance of God’s love and mercy. We take a few minutes to listen to each other share stories good news we’ve seen and experienced lately.

Next we turn to the Word, listening to 2-3 readings from the Bible and reflecting on how own stories are reflected in the ancient story. At this time, kids are invited to go with our children’s ministry leader for an interactive lesson (or they are always welcome to stay with parents without the expectation of total silence). Our reflection takes shape in many ways, such as traditional sermons, small or large group discussions, meditation, or more active engagement such as encountering art or walking our labyrinth. We end our reflection time with a song, then the sharing of our prayers and a time of greeting each other as a sign of God’s peace.

After listening the Word, we enter into the Meal of communion, which recalls the last meal that Jesus shared with his friends and God’s promise to be present with us even in the most ordinary and intimate of ways, in eating and drinking. We offer both wine and grape juice in which to dip the bread (or gluten-free wafers) as we share a taste of God’s love.

In our Sending, we announce the different ways to get involved with the community and church. We close with another song and a blessing. Afterwards, we invite you to spend some time having snacks and conversations with the community.

We are a newly forming community, open to experimenting with different styles of music and prayers and themes. We welcome your ideas to make help make our gathering time both yours and ours! The music we sing includes eclectic selections from The Beatles and Bob Dylan to traditional hymns and Taize chants. We pass out a printed “order of service” each week that is our “script” for the service. Sometimes song lyrics are printed, sometimes it tells us where to find the music.

We value participation over excellence, and you may always choose how much you want to participate.  Some people come with partners and children, some people don’t. Some of our children are loud during service. Some of them are quiet. Some need to move around. Some need to play on their iPad. All of these are welcome, and these invitations are open to all ages as well! If you need to get coffee or snacks, feel free to move around.

Everyone is welcome: old, young, gay, straight, doubters, believers, fence-sitters, activists, scientists, poets, and slackers. Come as you are!